Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Conference room
About 355 square feet,U-shaped conference table
Purpose of meeting
Meeting with different branches of hospital through video conference. Current VCS equipment:Cisco C20
Issue list

Wired microphone was inadequate for using, wires are distracting the decoration of meeting room.

Cisco C20 can be support with two microphones. However, restricted by the type of conference table, one of the microphones placed in front of chairman, another microphone need to be installed on the ceiling. Although, the sound effect is slightly improved but the microphone wire along the floor, looks unexpected and mess.

  • iMage MCU4 wireless conference system x1
  • iMage A2 wireless speakerphone x2

1. With iMageTech wireless conference solution, balancing sound effect to improve meeting quality

Each of A2 can be distributed and receive the sound of audiences within a radius of 1.5 meters. The A2 Can be flexibly placed in accordance with the number of people and size of the meeting. Establish a comfort audio meeting environment


2. Wireless,make the conference room be simple and clean.

Using the iMageTech wireless conference solution to remove all wired microphone to create a simple and clean conference environment. In addition, the microphone wire will no longer be trample on, result in damage to the wire.