Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Conference room
Three conference rooms share with one video conference equipment. The capacity of room from 6-8 people to 20 people, the biggest conference room along with long conference table. Conferencing condition are different between each room.
Purpose of meeting
With cisco SX conferencing system. .
Issue list

1. Three conference rooms share with one video equipment..

To improve the utilization of equipment, the new purchase of mobile video conferencing equipment. Thus, the wired microphone is inconvenience to organize but also, easy to broken by constantly pulling the wire.

2. Limited amount of microphone on video conferencing equipment..

All the conference rooms are sharing same equipment. However, the sizes of conference rooms are all different. The capacity of the room from 6-8 people to 20 people, the original microphone was not enough to use.

  • iMage MCU4 wireless conference system x1
  • iMage A2 wireless speakerphone x2

1.Using iMageTech MCU4 wireless conferencing solution. Establish a portable sound system.

Due to a portable video conferencing equipment, all equipment is storing in the cabinet that below mediacart. Using iMagetech MCU4 wireless conference solution to achieve ready-to-use microphone system.


2.Expanding up to 5 speakerphones, adapting different sizes of conference room.

No wiring installation in order to keep the same decoration of the conference room. The iMageTech MCU4 can expand up to 5 A2 wireless speakerphones, each of the A2 can be distributed and receive the sound from audiences within a radius of 1.5 meters. Sound effect quality will not be affect by distance.