Application:Skype ( Land Bank of Taiwan Co.)

Conference room
About 355 square feet,U-shaped conference table
Purpose of meeting
Cross-regional collaboration with overseas branches through the following two type of meetings.
1.Skype audio conference
2.teleconference (PSTN)
Issue list

1. Wired microphone cannot expand and poor reception quality.

The original use of the conference microphone can only be configured with one wired microphone, placed in the middle of the U-shaped table. limited by the restriction of the microphone, the reception of sound cannot be evenly received. wherever, there are distance between speaker and microphone. Speakers need to speak loudly, otherwise, the sound quality will be affect, resulting the inefficiency of meeting communication.

2. Current equipment cannot support both web conference(skype) and teleconference (PSTN) at the same time.

Current equipment can only be used at web conference, to have a teleconference requires different equipment. With two equipment, not only cause conference room in mess but also inconvenience to operate and managing equipment.

  • iMage MCU4 wireless conference system x1
  • iMage A2 wireless speakerphone x4
  • iMage PSTN Box wireless teleconference expansion module x1

1.Provide the iMageTech wireless conferencing solution to balancing sound effect and improve meeting quality

A iMageTech wireless conferencing console(MCU4) can connect to 5 wireless speakerphones(A2), each of A2 can be distributed and receive the sound of audiences within a radius of 1.5 meters. The A2 Can be flexibly placed in accordance with the number of people and size of the meeting. Establish a comfort audio meeting environment .


2.multi-purpose device, simplifying conference equipment.

iMage wireless conference solution collocates with specified teleconference expand module (PSTN BOX), can switch Skype to teleconference mode with a switching button. Easy to setting up and does not need to changing to different equipment. Not only improving aesthetic, moreover, decreasing the maintenance fees for multiple devices in the conference room. for conference need, unique function and reasonable price.

Installation without wiring contraction, therefore, the conference room can keep the same decoration but also avoid additional fees. The iMage wireless conference solution can use multiple speakerphones(A2) to support different types of meeting.