iMage MCU4 Wireless Speakerphone System

Wireless Conference System

Outstanding and realistic microphone reception effects and realistic conference listening feelings

Flexible Audio System

Seamlessly integrate with iMage A2 Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone(Up to 5pcs), deliver the bestconferencing experience.

Audio Mixer and Individual Output Interface

Allows quickly integration with the VCS or related audio equipment in the conference room.


The iMage MCU4 Wireless Speakerphone System(MCU4) can be connected to an iMage A2 Bluetooth Speakerphone (A2)through Bluetooth to create a wireless meeting environment for you. Flexible placement can enhance the sound field of the meeting room so that the sound is distributed evenly and provides a perfect listening environment. Also, the wireless sound architec- ture saves you the trouble of wiring and storing the cables in the meeting room, allowing for a tidier meeting environment.

In addition to connecting to a video host through cables, the MCU4 can also be connected to audio sources through Bluetooth, USB and AUX, allowing for a meeting environment with multiple participants through a mobile device or PC. 


What is the Full-Space Tecnology?

By applying professional acoustic phase adjustment technology to sealed independent tune, iMageTech makes resonance effect perfect. With the matching of the single speaker exclusively designed for conference use by the company, the quality of sound gets very smooth and clear. This unique design allows for the radioactive transmission of sound covering every corner of the conference room.

What are banefits for  conference rooms?

  • No renovation work required.
  • Bluetooth for convenience
  • Wireless for ready use
  • Flexible for different settings
  • No microphone required for saving

Simulation of application to conference rooms of different settings






265mm X 127mm X 44.5mm



Bluetooth Version

Bluetooth v3.0+EDR/AGHFP V1.6


Bluetooth Specification V3.0 Class 2 and Class 3

Audio Input/Output type


Audio Mixer

5 channel analog in/out

Audio Input

MIC in/Line In


Mini-USB Type B


DC5v ±10%

Operating Temperature

0 ~ 60°C

Operating Accessories

iMage A2 Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone


File Description Version Release date  
iMage MCU4 Datasheet PDF 2017-09-25 Download
iMage MCU4 User Manual PDF 2017-09-25 Download

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