iMage M6 Wireless Speakerphone System

Design for Median and Large Sized Conference Room.

It can be expanded to maximum 6 iMage A6 (optional), perfect for median and large size conference environmen

Easy and Fast Set Up

Plug and play, no software installation or professional IT staff required.

APP Smart Control

You can use the Audio Management App to control the connection status with the iMage A6

iMage M6 can be expanded to 6 with iMage A6 Speakerphone (optional), which can quickly and cost-effectively create a large and medium-sized conference room environment, without the need to modify the decoration and rewiring, and without the assistance of professional IT.

Conference room configuration can freely adjust the configuration of each iMage A6 Speaker- phone, suitable for a variety of medium and large conference rooms. iMage M6 can adapt different environments of each conference room.

Multiple mode selections can connect to different devices, such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and video conference codec. In addition, you can use the Audio Management to control the connection with A6 and adjust the overall audio status, so that users can have better control the efficiency of conference room use.

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