About iMageTech

Company Profile

iMageTech CO., LTD was established in 2001, and is a professional agent for multimedia conference equipment. Over the years, continue to find most advanced and high-quality multi-media conference equipment to provide to our partners for project planning and applications. 

To provide dealers with excellent quality of audio and video conference peripheral products. So that the iMageTech accumulated more than 600 customers over the years, and service experiences from the major ISP, SI, AV, multimedia peripherals and other well-known manufacturers also prove the professional strength of iMageTech.

Excellent quality and product flexibility is primary goal for iMageTech.


Business history

Since iMageTech established its R&D department in 2012, research and development has been used to combine and integrate all the experiences that we been through, to helping dealers performing integration based on customer needs. iMageTech has invested in creating innovative video and audio peripheral application products with excellent quality and flexibility. With rigorous quality controls and modifications introduced by the R&D unit, company has released several patented products since 2013. 

Business philosophy

Currently, iMageTech has already transformed itself from an equipment agent into a communications and conference solution innovator, striving to create products that meet customer needs. Indeed, the firm continues its efforts to developing more solution products to continue to meet customer needs. The goal of iMageTech is to try to surpass the expectations of our customers and become the most trusted partner.


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